What’s the cost to run my ATU’s Aerator/Compressor?

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Every municipality and county has its own electricity provider. And, each provider purchases that power from a generator. So, for us to give you one cost for every aerator/compressor that exists is impossible. However, Norris Electric Co-op is our local provider and if you have a Norweco Singulair aerobic treatment unit, then your electricity cost is approximately $20.00 per month.

What's the Cost to Run an Aerator

The reason it is $20 a month is because it runs on a timer and cycles every 30 minutes. So it’s 30 minutes on then shuts off for 30 minutes. This keeps the cost down. Other units don’t run on a timer but instead, run 24 hours a day. Jet’s and Norweco’s are 2 units that run on timers. With all that being said there could be a few brands that draw a lot less electricity, but because they run 24/7 the cost is higher.

Regardless, the electricity cost is similar to the cost of operating a refrigerator/freezer or other large appliance.

Cost to Run an Aerator

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