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Unfortunately, Our Norweco Aeration Systems are only provided from our Newton location.

Aeration Septic Systems
Aeration Systems:

500 Gal Aeration
750 Gal Aeration
1000 Gal Aeration
1500 Gal Aeration

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Untreated wastewater enters the system here.

Pretreatment Chamber

Wastewater enters at the Singulair inlet and is equalized here as anaerobic bacteria and gravity precondition it.

Aeration Chamber

Here, safe, living aerobic bacteria convert the wastewater into stable substances. Flow equalization maximizes this biological oxidation and assures 24-retention and treatment.

Aerator provides complete treatment

Our exclusive aerator infuses the fresh air that safe, living micro-organisms require to fully digest and treat wastewater inside the Aeration Chamber. Powered by our 1725 RPM, 115 volt, fractional horsepower motor, our quiet, reliable aerator is inexpensive to operate, reduces heat build-up, and dramatically increases bearing life. Each aerator is precision-engineered, tested, and certified to operate only 30-minutes per hour. Only the stainless steel aspirator shaft and reinforced nylon aspirator come in contact with liquid in the Aeration Chamber.

Clarification Chamber

Flow equalization enhances the setting of biologically active substances inside the Clarification Chamber. Wastewater has now been converted into clarified liquids in this chamber.

Bio-Kinetic® System

Constructed entirely of plastic and rubber components that are impervious to this environment, our Bio-Kinetic® System combines filtration, settling, non-mechanical flow equalization, optional disinfection, adjustable outlet weir, and optional dechlorination features n a single, revolutionary package.

Precast Concrete Tank

Every Singulair System is constructed of high-quality, non-corrosive materials under our rigid quality control standards. The tank, access risers, and cover are reinforced precast concrete manufactured locally by your factory-trained, licensed Norweco distributor.

Inspection Cover

Access is safe and easy.


Only a clear, safe and odorless liquid exits the system here for return to your environment.

Flow Equalization Parts

They control the flow through all upstream and downstream processes and they regulate the amount of treated effluent that can enter the Bio-Kinetic System.

Interesting features

Norweco Singulair Systems.

  • THE SINGULAIR BIO-KINETIC SYSTEM MEETS OR EXCEEDS GOVERNMENT STANDARDS. The Singulair System is performance certified and listed by NSF International. The Singulair is certified to NSF Standard 40 and our Bio-Kinetic System is certified to NSF Standard 46. Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association have recognized, certified, and/or listed all electromechanical components. The auto dialer telemetry system is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • MULTIPLE ZONES. The Bio-Kinetic System includes 3 positive filtration zones with 8 independent settling zones.
  • REDUCES PUMPING. 48-hour retention in the Singulair System reduces pumping frequency as compared to smaller capacity systems.
  • OPERATING COSTS ARE LOW. The only electrical component is our low RPM aerator.
  • EQUALIZED FLOW. Excessive hydraulic flows can cause major problems for septic tanks, sand filters, and any treatment method that does not provide flow equalization. The exclusive non-mechanical flow equalization feature of our Bio-Kinetic System guarantees that all incoming wastewater is fully treated, regardless of heavy use periods.
  • VALUE. You can install an efficient Singulair plant for about the same cost as an old-fashioned septic tank.
  • ELIMINATES ODOR. Eliminates odors and all unsightly, unsanitary conditions so common with septic tanks.
  • DURABLE, RELIABLE COMPONENTS are safely installed out-of-sight below ground. No exposed power cords, compressors, filters, or air lines are accessible to children or pets.
  • NO NEED TO PURCHASE A SEPARATE TANK – our precast concrete pretreatment chamber is part of the Singulair System.
  • AUTOMATIC EQUALIZATION. The Singulair System automatically equalizes influent and effluent flow through all treatment and disposal stages. Flow variations from guests, parties, or vacations do not affect treatment performance.
  • OPTIMIZED FLOW. All flow is equalized an average of 50% at the NSF Standard 40 600 GPD (gallons per day) design loading pattern.
  • TRAINED INSTALLERS. Rex Vault is a factory trained, certified and licensed Norweco distributor; we sell, install and service your Bio-Kinetic System with pride.

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