What do we do in the Cemetery?

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We get asked frequently about the things we do in the cemetery on the day of a service. Depending on the type of outer burial container and service requested, Rex Vault is in the cemetery for a minimum of five (5) hours.

Our employee is typically working by himself and his job description usually includes:

  • Checking the grave for correct dimensions.
  • View the area for limiting conditions. Eg: trees, fences, overhead lines, large monuments, freshly backfilled graves, elevations, ground conditions, distance from the road to the gravesite, etc.
  • Be aware of current weather conditions and forecasts.
  • Lay plank, when necessary, and steer vault trailer to end or side of the grave.
  • Place and level grave boards.
  • Suspend the outer burial container in the grave on vault placer cables.
  • Roll cover back over a dirt mound.
  • Place and adjust the lowering device over the container.
  • Set up a 15’ x 20’ tent. Add porches, side curtains, heat, etc. per instructions from the funeral home.
  • Lay down artificial grass.
  • Set up chairs with coverings.
  • Sweep, wipe, dust, brush down all equipment.
  • Touch up the outer container.
  • Place nameplate and emblem as requested.
  • Assist in the placement of flowers from the funeral home.
  • Assist parking of vehicles.
  • Assist placement of casket on lowering device.
  • Upon a signal from the funeral home, respectfully lower casketed body into the bottom of the container.
  • Remove lowering device.
  • Roll container cover over casket base of the container.
  • Seal cover and base as one unit and lower into the grave.
  • Assist grave digger as needed.
  • Disassemble and neatly load everything back onto the truck.
  • Hook the trailer to the back of the truck and head home.
  • Job complete.

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