Steps to Buying a Septic System

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Steps for Buying a Septic System for Your Home

Step 1: Call us at Rex Vault Service. We’ll ask you a few questions and give you a brief overview including ballpark pricing.

Step 2: Arrange a time for one of us or one of our many contractors to meet you at the site.

Step 3: After discussion with the property owner, the location will be discussed, and types of septic systems will be considered and explained.

Step 4: In most cases, a soil classifier will need to come out to evaluate your soil and look for potential limiting layers, such as a high-water table.

Step 5: We will and/or the contractor will propose a system that meets or exceeds the property owners’ expectations and the Illinois Department of Public Health code.

Step 6: A quote is given and, hopefully, accepted for the work, “All In”, “No Surprises”. Apparently, there are companies out there that don’t include sales tax and/or the permit fee in order to have the lowest bid. Then, once the system goes in, the “All In” price is presented for payment.

Step 7: Once the quote is accepted, everything is scheduled and handled by the contractor or Rex Vault.

Step 8: Depending on the type of system, it will take one or two days to complete the installation. We will then spend quality time with the owner, so he/she understands what they now have in their backyard, do’s and don’ts, warranties, maintenance, etc.

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