Should I Throw A Dead Chicken in My Septic?

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No, you shouldn’t. BUT, the reason you might have heard this is because a lot of septic experts suggest adding bacteria to your system.


Today, there are several brands of bacteria and enzymes for septic use. But many years ago, there weren’t. Hence, the dead chicken.

Adding bacteria or enzymes to your septic system is strongly debated among septic professionals in the septic industry. A lot of people have seen the benefits of adding live bacteria or enzymes to their system periodically claiming it helps the system work properly. Here are some of their arguments:

  • Jumpstarts the bacteria function after a septic tank cleaning
  • Keeps the absorption field working longer
  • Extends periods between cleanings
  • Helps counteract hydraulic and organic overloads

But there are many other experts saying they do nothing. Here are some of their arguments:

  • No scientific proof
  • They actually hurt the absorption field not help it
  • Contain acid which harms the bacteria and the tank itself

Rex Vault’s professional experience we have seen many cases that argue both ways. We have used many different types of enzymes and bacteria. We found a live bacterium we like, called Pro-Pump High Count. We have seen many advantages when Pro-Pump is being used and it’s the same price or less than the large commercial products such as Rid X you see advertised on tv or at your local hardware store.

Bottom line: You can’t expect a bacteria or enzyme to save your failing system. But, in our experience, there is definitely a time and place for these products.

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