Aeration Vs Conventional Septic

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Conventional Septic Systems

Conventional septic tanks have been around since the early Roman Empire. They looked nothing like they do now but the concept hasn’t changed much: When you encourage solids to settle anaerobic bacteria begins to eat and mature, thus breaking down everything biodegradable. Anything not biodegradable must eventually be cleaned out as the tank gets full. Septic pumping should occur every 3-4 years for preventative maintenance.

Septic Systems Comparison

As the black wastewater leaves the septic tank, it must be treated in order to purify it.  If good elevations, good ground conditions and plenty of room exists, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) suggests some type of subsurface seepage field using the soil to help the purification process.  Some of the material used to accomplish subsurface seepage are: perforated pipe and gravel, Infiltrator-Chamber, EZ Flow-Geotextile or ATL, Presby, buried sand filters, recirculating sand filters and waste stabilization ponds.

These conventional septic systems completely installed can start around $10,000 and go up from there.

Aeration Septic Systems

Aeration septic systems or Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU’s) are mechanical systems. The Norweco Singulair, which is the brand we carry, has a pre-tank that encourages anaerobic bacteria, but the wastewater then flows into the aeration chamber where our aerator draws oxygen and stirs the wastewater creating aerobic bacteria (aerobic bacteria breaks down solids 10 times faster). Because of the design, the Norweco aerator is the only aerator in Illinois that can run for 30 minutes then rest for 30 minutes. This design draws less electricity, allows settling and adds many years to the life of the aerator. The wastewater then flows into the clarification chamber where it must be clarified. Before effluent can leave the system, it will flow through our Bio-Kinetic System (BKS) where filtration, settling, flow equalization and chlorination take place. Septic service is a big part of aerobic treatment units operating properly.

Septic Systems Comparison

In several downstate Illinois counties, surface discharge can then take place because the effluent is clear, odorless and 99% pure. (Pictured above is the Norweco Singulair 500 GPD)

Aeration septic systems in our area installed can run from $7,000 and up for a residence.

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