Integra Seal Vault Sealer

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Integra Seal Vault Sealer

The rubbery, flexible, sticky, black material used to seal burial vaults is called butyl. Most butyl compounds are petroleum-based and very aggressive. We use a complimentary primer in the seal groove of the vault cover in order to clean and prep the groove for the butyl sealant application.

In our facility, when we apply the butyl to the seal groove and roll or thumb it in, we leave the plastic backing on the butyl. This keeps the seal clean, dry, and ready to go to the cemetery. In our finishing building or at the cemetery, the plastic backing is then removed making the butyl seal ready to receive the tongue of the base after the casketed body is placed. Thus, merging the cover and base and forming a single sealed unit.

Due to the durability of this sealant and the quality plastic liner, we are able to offer up to a 200-year warranty. This butyl sealant is similar to what is used to seal windshields in vehicles and planes.

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