Doric Burial Vaults

By definition of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association, a concrete burial vault is a lined, sealed, warranted burial receptacle which performs all the functions of the concrete grave liner. In addition it is designed and constructed to reduce the risk of intrusion of exterior elements. In other words, it allows the casket to function properly while protecting it from the elements outside the vault. A Burial vault is one of the best ways to protect the casketed remains and achieve a strong, lasting way to honor the deceased. 

Rex Vault Service is a Doric Concrete vault dealer. Doric concrete vaults are superior in quality and durability. Each model offers a varying degree of strength and protection, with some offering opportunities for personalization. 

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Why you need a doric vault

Watch this video to understand the construction of a burial vault and why they are important. 

Doric Vault Personalization

Watch this video to understand why personalization is such a great idea.